Saturday, September 1, 2018

Digital Art Commissions

Artist at work here...

I've been busy restoring these amazing photos and making them into fun digital artwork.
These 50's and 60's images have been remade, colorized, and put to new life using digital elements.
Many elements I use are digital images of collected vintage patterns, music, storybooks, wallpaper, etc. The recipients can print them out on canvas, photo paper, or can make invitations or announcements with them. They are for personal use only.

I would love to make a creation with your old, or not so old photo! Email me for more information! I would only need digital copy of a cherished photo sent to me. I will do the rest of the magic and send you a copy to inspect before sending the high quality resolution digital art piece.

Pricing starts at $75, depending on the condition of the original photo, number of photos, clothes created, and number of elements used.
Paypal accepted.